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The Animated Climb – Part 1

by on Jan.14, 2012, under Uncategorized

So last week I posted the blocking for the animation project I started. This is the post for the first version of it completely animated. This project alone has taught my a lot more than what many of my school projects have taught me which I will go into below but for now, here is the video. If you could take a moment and give me some feedback/criticism, I would greatly appreciate it.


So I made a post about the walk cycle last week. Well I later found that what I had was a bit robotic when it came to walking. It all came down to a couple frames during each cycle for the forward position and the lifting position. Something so simple as a character setting his foot down a couple frames too fast makes a big difference.

Timing is another interesting subject in regards to this. I knew the basics of timing for the walk cycle but everything else was just estimation. Sometimes it worked out perfectly, other times not so much. Because of that, the animation has been extended by a few seconds but it makes a difference.

One of the tools that came in handy while editing this was Maya’s ability to display motion paths. While I had the graph editor open, it was not a very good way to see the path of an object. The only thing I think that would help with all of this was if the handles were a bit easier to modify. I am used to After Effects which as a tool dedicated to modifying the curve of points via the handles.

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by on Jan.03, 2012, under Uncategorized

Hello everyone. My name is Darrol and I am creating this blog as a way of keeping track of my work and what I learn along the way. Right now I am going to school but my major isn’t exactly along the path that I ultimately desire to go down which isn’t a total loss because I am still learning a lot of things that will be useful down the road. When I first enrolled at Mt. Sierra College, I wanted to go into visual effects. It wasn’t until later that things changed when I started to see things a little bit more clearly. It is hard to explain but I decided that I wanted to move in a different direction. I thought about what I enjoyed and what I have shown that I am good at which brought me to animation.

When I say animation, I don’t necessarily mean animation itself but rather the animation field. I have yet to fully experiment to find out what I want to do specifically so I plan to go through the full process. Or at least most of it. My goal by graduation is to have completed a short animated film. I already have an idea for it that I am continually refining it.

At this point, I don’t really know what will come of this blog. I think it will be a good way for me to keep track of my progress. It will also hopefully allow me to connect with others that can either help me or learn from what I am learning as I go.

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